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What Have We Learned as Managers From 2019?

December 27th, 2019

With the New Year just around the corner, it is essential to reflect on the lessons learned and, more importantly, work to apply them to eliminate the risk of repeating. While many take this time to reflect on their personal lives, make sure you consider what happened at your company as well. Here are some lessons learned as managers from 2019 (see if you can relate!).   


Burnout is a real thing, and it can be avoided.  

It does not matter if you or an employee experienced it – at some point, most of us will get burnt out if we do not allow ourselves to take a step back and rest. You may think it is just the work style of you or an employee, but that should not be an excuse for pushing it too far.   

As a manager, it is essential to keep a pulse on both you and your team. Check in to make sure your team is in the right headspace and that you are not overdoing it yourself. Rearrange and reassign tasks as needed to make sure your employees are functioning at a high capacity, not scraping by on their last leg.   


Culture is influential, and it will not happen magically.  

If you want your team to remain happy and motivated, you have to think about your culture. And not just once or twice in passing, or maybe with one fun event. Companies that focus on their culture are typically ranked higher because their people feel more valued and content. Plus, when your employees feel recognized and happy, they are more likely to stay, helping to boost your retention.   


Communication is still a two-way street.  

This is not news, yet too many companies need a reminder. If you want higher engagement with your team, you need to make it a conversation. Listen when they have something to say and show you heard them through your actions. In the same light, make sure you are sharing with your teams. Keeping them in the dark leaves them feeling unimportant and undervalued, especially when it becomes a part of the culture.   


You have to keep working on the things that matter.  

Almost everything managers learned can be summed in the idea that nothing is a one-time solution that solves all your problems. Improving culture, engagement, communication, and employee health takes constant work and focuses on what needs to be accomplished.   

This does not mean your entire life is going to be dedicated to solving these issues, simply that you cannot put them in the back burner and expect to find success.   


Find the right people in 2020!  

Take the lessons you have learned in 2019 and apply them to all the beautiful things you will do in 2020. Hopefully, this includes sourcing the right talent for your company’s needs. If it does, trust Staffing Resources to find the people you are looking for and deliver them, saving you time and energy. Head into the New Year right and contact us today! 


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