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Take a Pause and Be Thankful Today

December 20th, 2019

The end-of-the-year means different things for different people. In some cases, it truly is a wind-down period. For others, everything is just ramping up. Preparing for the holidays on top of balancing work and your personal life can leave you feeling frazzled and easily annoyed. Your goal is to make it through, so then it is over, and you can calm down.  

Unfortunately, one of the hardest life lessons to learn is the mythical slow down period does not exist. There is always something demanding your time and energy. The key is learning how to manage day by day. Instead of wishing for an easier time, maybe it is time to try being thankful.   


Why is it important to be thankful?  

When a lot is going on in life, it is easy to get caught up in what is happening around you and miss moments. The more we let our schedules win, the less patience and grace we may have. Pausing to note the reasons why you are thankful can potentially change your outlook. Instead of only seeing the negative, you are allowing yourself to see things from a different perspective.   


It calms you down.  

The frantic energy of a stressful day can steamroll every emotion. When everything seems to keep going wrong, it begins to feel like everything will. If you feel this happening, take a second and stop to think about what makes you feel thankful. By doing this, you will allow yourself to stop the cycle of negative thinking and calm your energy before moving forward.  


It keeps you moving.  

Granted, when you are busy, you may keep moving out of necessity, but there is a better way. Moments of gratitude can change your motivation. They cannot eliminate the work involved, but they can help you to continue in a better frame of mind. For example, look at your to-do list and be thankful for the context around each item. Remember why you are doing everything because the ‘why’ is a more significant motivator than the ‘what’ will ever be in your life.  


It makes you feel better.  

Going through life, grateful produces much better emotions than being stressed and angry. In most situations, you cannot change the work that needs to be done or the time you have to do it, but you can change your perception. Control what you can, and that means taking time to evaluate your mood and then pause to make sure you maintain a grateful mindset.   


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