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Want Your Team to Stop Catching Z’s in Your Meetings? Here Are 3 Tips

December 13th, 2019

Meetings are an effective way to gather people together and make a plan, said almost no one. Too often, you leave a meeting saying ‘this could have been an email’ instead of feeling like it was time well spent. That’s not to say productive meetings do not occur, just that they are the exception instead of the rule.   

You may notice employees in your own company fidgeting, checking their phones, or almost falling asleep as a meeting continues to drone on. The good news is you do not have to accept this reality of meetings – here are three tips to make yours more engaging.   


Start with a plan.  

Holding a meeting for meetings, sake is a recipe for disaster in the workplace. Unless you have blocked off several hours for brainstorming, you likely will not accomplish what you set out to do and will go over your time, interfering with other schedules. The key is to make a plan.  

When you realize a meeting is necessary, start by determining what you want it to accomplish before you put it on the schedule. This way, you can look through the points on your agenda and determine how much time you think it should take.   

With this information, you can share with your team, so they are aware of the point of the meeting, and you can even designate an employee to keep the discussion on task to avoid running over.  


Switch up the environment.  

Gathering your team into the same conference room time and time again can leave them feeling uninspired. Fortunately, you are not actually trapped in that room. Consider moving to a new space, even offsite, to keep the creative energy flowing.   

If you cannot physically leave your office and you have nowhere to go except for the conference room, you still have options. Instead of sitting for the entire length of the meeting, try taking some time to stand. While there may be grumbling, this will keep your team more alert and focused, leading to a more productive meeting.  


Get feedback from your team.  

Ultimately, you can make all the changes and plans in the world, but if they do not work for your employees, they will not work for your meetings. Take time to ask your staff what they think could be done to improve meetings and how they like any changes you have implemented. This act will not only make your team feel more valuable and heard, but it will also lead to greater insight for you.  


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