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Get Your Team Out and Make a Difference in the Community… You Won’t Regret It

December 6th, 2019

As a leader, you want to make sure that you are giving back to both your team and the community. You invest time in both because you know it will lead to employee loyalty, satisfaction, and increased productivity. In your list of ways to improve, have you considered volunteering?  


Getting teams out into the community is a growing trend within organizations, and one with results. A recent study around volunteerism found 70% of its respondents believe volunteer activities are better for morale than happy hours. More than 75% believe it is essential to the well-being of an employee. Plus, 89% perceive companies that volunteer to have better working environments. Outside of these statistics, here are some other perks of getting your team out and making a difference in your community.   


Team building with a purpose.  

There is no denying the necessity of team building, but sometimes it can leave employees groaning instead of growing. When you focus these activities around something practical, like community service, you are taking your employees out of the office and giving them the opportunity to develop relationships in new settings. Your team will be stronger after spending time serving their community.   


Happier team members.  

When you help someone else, you are happier due to the release of certain chemicals in your brain. Giving your team the opportunity to experience this will allow them a fulfilling experience that, in turn, leads to more positive emotions, and who doesn’t want happier employees?  


Professional growth for your team.  

Outside of happiness, volunteering is also a form of professional development. Your employees will find themselves in different roles, allowing them to improve and develop new skills. There is even the opportunity for networking, depending on where you choose to serve.   


Improve your candidate pool.  

Beyond developing the team, you currently have the idea that being out in your community can improve the quality of candidates you attract. Because the perception exists that companies that volunteer have a better culture, top talent is more likely to want to work for you. Granted, you need to back it up with other benefits, but you may find an influx of candidates you never expected.   


We make good things happen for other people.  

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