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5 Ways to Give Thanks to Your Employees This Holiday Season

November 22nd, 2019

Tis the season for being thankful, at least that’s how it feels in November. While gratitude shouldn’t be reserved for one month or day a year, this month is an excellent time to make an extra effort for your team to let them know just how much you appreciate all they do. Here are five ways to give thanks to your employees this holiday season.  


Weekly Lunch Drawings

This idea is two-fold because it lets you thank both employees who are going above and beyond and those who want to make sure they’re recognized. Each week have employees submit comments about their co-workers’ performances to celebrate them. Make sure these are displayed for all to see, and then every Friday, pull out two names – one for someone who submitted and one for someone who was recognized and give them both a free lunch! 


Handwritten Notes of Gratitude

Leave little cards or sticky notes at your employees’ desks to let them know you appreciate all they do. Being specific is helpful because not only are you taking the time to write the note, you’re acknowledging something they’ve done, which will make them feel noticed.  


Bring in Surprise Treats

Whether you plan to leave something small like candy with your thank you notes or bring in something for the whole office, this is always a welcome surprise. You can even experiment with both by attaching small pieces of candy to the note and then bringing in a special treat once a week. Maybe it’s cookies, an ice cream social, donuts, or even lunch! Whatever you decide, your team will love it. 


A Special Day at Work

Take your efforts up a notch with a whole day to recognize the hard work of your employees. Fill it with fun activities (like teambuilding), fun and relevant awards, social time, and of course, food! A day like this will rejuvenate your team and make them more motivated, moving forward. Plus, social time together is always helpful for your culture.  


Go On a Fieldtrip

Sometimes you need to take it outside and leave the office walls behind you. Plan an office outing so everyone can socialize in a new setting and not be tempted to run back to their desks to work. The goal is to make sure your team is appreciated and enjoying themselves.  


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