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A Day in the Life of a Payroll Clerk

November 15th, 2019

A payroll clerk is a position found across every industry. No matter what they do, a company needs someone in charge of processing the payroll. Saying that, however, doesn’t mean you know exactly what they do. You understand it deals with dispensing employee’s paychecks, but that’s the extent of your knowledge. Keep reading to learn what the role of a payroll clerk entails. 


What exactly is a payroll clerk?

The primary job functions are what you’d expect: collecting and inspecting employee timesheets, verifying the logs for any errors or discrepancies, and then issuing the paychecks when required as well as other disbursements when needed.  


Okay, but what else?

That is a brief overview of the position, but not all-encompassing. Those are the standard week-to-week assignments. The key to being effective in the role of a payroll clerk is to have excellent time management skills and be very detail-oriented. Most of the work involves careful checking and must be completed by a specific deadline.  

Essentially, think of the payroll clerk as the person involved with every point of payment to staff. When tax season rolls around, they’ll process the W-2 forms and send them to all current and former employees. They manage vacation time accruals and understand the different tax deductions. In the role, a person will frequently communicate with management on several subjects, including approvals for overtime. They’ll also run various reports for a presentation related to payroll.  


Got it. Now, what education is required?

The next steps depend on the specific employer. A smaller business may be excellent with a few years’ experiences in accounting and a high school diploma. From there, most will want at least an associate’s degree with some financial relation to the degree. A bachelor’s degree is helpful if you’re going to move upward through the accounting department. In many cases, a payroll clerk is an excellent entry-level position.  


Is there job security?

Because every company needs to pay their employees, you have the option to work for many companies. Which means you can find the right industry for you. There’s also expected growth in this field, meaning you’ll be needed for years to come.  


Begin your payroll clerk career today!

If you have the experience and education needed and you’re ready to begin your career as a payroll clerk, partner with Staffing Resources. We’ll connect you with some of the best places to work in Atlanta and help develop your professional skills along the way. Learn more about our hiring process today!  

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