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Why Are Employees Leaving After Only a Couple Months?

November 8th, 2019

As an employer, you likely aren’t hiring new team members with the expectation that they’ll leave the position quickly. Even though workforce trends indicate employees aren’t staying at companies as long as they used to, you still expect them to stay at least a year or two.  

Unfortunately, you may be noticing a terrifying trend at your workplace – employees are leaving after only a couple of months. If this sounds familiar, check out some big reasons why they’re going and what you can do to improve their experience. 


Poor Onboarding Process

An employee’s journey to working at your company is their first experience as to what you’ll be like as an employer. It begins with how you handle the interviewing process and ends when they start working. If you show a lack of preparation to the point candidates arrive on their first day and nothing is ready, he or she may start with a negative opinion of you.  

How to fix it: Be intentional in all that you do. Stay in contact with the candidate and employee throughout the entire process and have a system in place, so when he or she begins working at your company, everything is ready to go. 


Feelings of Discomfort 

Whether people in the office, your management style, or workload, you want to make sure your employee isn’t feeling uncomfortable on the job. Too often, things happen, like unwanted or unnecessary comments, that make your employees want to look for something new. You can also see this if you hire them to do one thing but keep expecting them to do something entirely different.  

How to fix it: First of all, let your employees do what the job they were hired for and never assume they can fill wherever else is needed. Sometimes this is necessary, but it shouldn’t become an all-the-time occurrence. Second of all, take employee concerns seriously, so when you hear about poor behavior from members of your team, you can correct instead of allowing them to continue.  


Your Work Culture is Toxic

Related to people making other people feel uncomfortable is a toxic work culture. You might not notice how draining your environment is because you’re used to it, but someone new will. They’ll see the lack of communication from talk to bottom and how office gossip runs wild. It will instantly become clear that people don’t like working there.  

How to fix it: Take proactive steps to eliminate the toxicity. Improve communication and make sure you’re listening to your employees. Talk to any who may be causing problems and set expectations for their performance and improvement.  


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