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5 Best Practices for Acing Your Dreaded Phone Interview

October 18th, 2019

In a world where email and text eliminate the need for face-to-face conversations, many people have come to dread talking on the phone. Because they’re out of practice, any call that comes through can be stressful and maybe even a little bit annoying. Even with these feelings, the unfortunate reality is that sometimes you need to talk on the phone, like for a job interview. Instead of letting the dread overwhelm you, try these 5 best practices for a phone interview.  


Prepare like you would for a regular interview.

Just because it’s over the phone doesn’t mean it deserves less care or attention. Make sure you look into who’s interviewing you and more about the company. Take notes along the way to use as reference points during the phone interview.  

Dress in interview attire.

An easy trap to fall in to is wearing sweats or pajamas if you’re at home for the interview. While being comfortable is nice, it can keep you from getting into the proper mindset. Similar to the research you’ll do, you should dress as if you’re going into an office for the interview.  

Find a quiet location. 

Another easy pitfall is not picking a good location. The phone doesn’t mean you’re as mobile as you think. There are considerations, such as reception and noise level, that you can’t overlook. A lot of background noise can make you look unprofessional and like you aren’t taking it seriously.   

Think about your mouth. 

Your mouth plays a vital role throughout the phone interview, from what it’s saying to what it’s doing. First of all, try and smile the entire time. By smiling, it keeps your tone friendly and sounds like you’re engaged instead of bored. As far as speaking, think about your tone and pace. Even if you’re nervous, you want to keep it even paced.  

Have resources readily available.

Keep your laptop or tablet close by to look up things quickly should you forget. Have easy access to your resume, cover letter, and job description to reference throughout the interview. The more prepared you are, the more prepared you’ll sound.  


We care about you!

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