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Keep These 3 Management Skills on Your Radar to Retain Your Best Employees

September 27th, 2019

One of the primary reasons employees will leave their current position is due to management. A supervisor can make or break a worker, and it’s your job as an employer to make sure your team is doing their best to create the best environment for everyone. With this in mind, here are three management skills you need to keep on your radar to retain your best employees.  


Good Communication Skills 

 This seems obvious, but it’s one that needs stated again and again. Communication isn’t just holding regular meetings or sending frequent emails. It starts with the idea that the lines should be open from top to bottom. It creates a culture built on trust because everyone is informed instead of information getting bottlenecked.  

Being a good communicator also goes beyond what you say to your employees – it includes how you listen to them. If your best employee feels their concerns and ideas fall on deaf ears, they’ll likely look for an opportunity where they’re actually heard. By taking the time to listen, you’re sending the message your team is valuable to you.  


Ability to Relate

While managers shouldn’t be friends with their employees, they should still make an effort to get to know them. If you spend all your time in your office without interacting with your team, you’ll never really know what’s going on. In order to appropriately deal with situations and projects that arise, you need to know them as people and not just a job title.  

Once you have some personal connections, you can be more supportive and empathetic. Your employees know they can trust you and will be honest. These qualities will also help you in managing conflict. Don’t neglect your duties as a human when it comes to your employees. In the long run, they’re more likely to stay with someone who cares about them than someone who avoids them.   


Act Like a Leader, Not Just a Manager

Being a manager is about organizing people, but it’s not necessarily leading them. When you lead, you set the example and inspire. You’re solving problems and keeping an open mind in every situation instead of instantly assuming something cannot be done. Leadership skills will take you farther than simply managing.  

Your best employees are looking to follow a leader who will help them grow alongside the company. They don’t want a taskmaster; they’re looking for someone who sees the big picture and goes for it.  


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