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Smart Ways to Reach Out to Potential Candidates Over LinkedIn

August 23rd, 2019

LinkedIn is a great tool to search for and view potential candidates for positions at your company. Whether you’re in desperate need or casually browsing, it could be the home of your next all-star. No matter what your hiring status, you need to proceed wisely when reaching out to someone. Here are four smart ways to reach out to potential candidates on LinkedIn.


1. Avoid sending a generic job posting

With spam so prevalent in today’s online world, you don’t want to be immediately dismissed for being irrelevant. Starting with a job post and no real human connection could lead to a quick delete and you ever have a shot with the candidate.

Before you begin the conversation, think about the kind of message you would open and be interested in reading. By putting yourself in their shoes, you can develop the right wording that will appeal to them and help you begin developing a relationship.

2. Focus on relationship building

No matter where the initial contact goes, whether they’re interested in learning more or not at this time, you want to focus on your relationship. A quick and cold inquiry without follow up won’t cause the employee to think more about your offer. Continuing to cultivate the professional relationship keeps you on their radar and increases the likelihood that they’ll consider you as an option in the future.

3. Lean on your connections

Another way to make it more personal is to leverage who and what you already have in common. One of the great features of LinkedIn is viewing how you’re connected and seeing their experiences and the organizations they follow. This gives you an easy way to establish shared interests and begin your conversation.

4. Provide a way for them to get in touch

If you want to continue the conversation, don’t provide them with information then leave them hanging with nothing else. LinkedIn is a good place to start the conversation but taking it offline, so to speak, is a better long-term move.


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