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The Benefits of Sharing Success With Your Employees

August 9th, 2019

It’s no secret that a majority of American workers are dissatisfied in their current positions. Many, especially those in younger generations, will leave their jobs to find something where they feel more fulfilled and empowered. Knowing this is a widespread crisis, you have to ask yourself, what can I do as an employer to improve their experience?

There are a number of areas to consider to ensure you’re checking all the right boxes and creating a positive company culture where employees want to stay. It’s about more than catering to their needs; a better work environment also leads to increased productivity and bottom lines.

One way to achieve this is sharing your success. At the top of the organization, you can experience all the highs and success yourself, but you could be missing a crucial element for your team. Here are some benefits to sharing success with your employees.


They’ll feel valued

When you hold the success alone, you aren’t telling your team they’re important. You’re reserving the celebration for yourself, which can lead to resentment. By including them, you’re expressing your gratitude and recognition it couldn’t be done without their support.

They’ll trust you

Engagement can be challenging to achieve naturally, but sharing in success bridges this gap. Instead of feeling bitter because they aren’t recognized, you’ll create more trust by letting them be a part of the glory. They’ll see you as an employer who isn’t just out to benefit themselves, but also their team.

They’ll support you

More than just sharing success is the idea of sharing failure as well. This isn’t done strictly in punishment, like you’re blaming them when things don’t go well. When you let them see your vulnerabilities as well as your strengths, they’ll want to support you in all situations. It creates a better team dynamic when both the highs and lows are shared.

They’ll want to stay

Transparent leaders aren’t as common as they should be, so the more you remain open and honest with your team, they more they’ll value your organization and want to stay.


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