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Office Ergonomics Tips That Will Keep Your Employees Happy and Productive

July 24th, 2019

The idea of ergonomics in the workplace may sound like arranging everything according to feng shui practices to increase positivity and productivity. The difference is ergonomics isn’t based on the flow of energy; it’s a study of how efficient people are in their work environment with a goal of eliminating discomfort and potential injury. When designed properly, office ergonomics can help keep your team comfortable, productive, and less-fatigued. If this sounds good to you, here are the ergonomic tips you need for your team.


Get chairs with arm rests

Although you don’t think about it at the time, arms that aren’t supported pull on both neck and shoulder muscles all day. The more frequently an employee works this way, the more likely it is they’ll become sore and uncomfortable. Office workers may frequently rest their arms on their desk as they work on their computer, but a chair with arms is still important.

Keep monitors eye level and an arm length’s away

This one is harder because it may be employee preference, but you need to educate them why keeping the monitor at eye level is better for comfort. The more you have to strain your eyes and move your neck, the more painful the process can become.

Similarly, you don’t want it to be too close you their eyes because this causes eye strain, which can lead to headaches and other ailments. Get them used to keep their monitors further back and discuss other options if they claim difficulty seeing the screen. One simple option is adjusting their zoom settings so the content appears larger.

Purchase footrests when needed

Dangling feet can cause problems and its recommended that feet touch the floor at the desk. If the chair can’t be adjusted, make sure you’re offering footrests so your employees can sit comfortability.

Encourage good posture

Again, this one presents challenges because there’s nothing you can really do to encourage good posture. There are certain items designed to help support the back in office chairs, but more than just another gadget, your team needs to understand the benefit of not slouching or craning the neck forward.

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