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4 Tips to Clean Up Your Resume This Summer

July 18th, 2019

The long-awaited summer is the perfect time relax, have fun, and make edits to your resume. Take advantage of the relaxing vibe of summer to help clean up your resume so you’re prepared for any future or impending job searches. Here are four tips to help you get started.


Figure out your ultimate career goal

Your resume reflects where you want to go, so before you can edit your resume, you need to decide your ultimate goal. Even if you aren’t planning to leave your current job yet, you can still make a forward-focused resume to reflect your career aspirations. Once you’ve figured this part out, you can begin to adjust your resume with skills and experience that reflect where you want to go.

Edit and update your experience

Depending on your career goals and what you’ve done since the last update, this step can be extensive. A new plan moving forward can help you reevaluate what you wrote before and include different aspects of those opportunities that better reflect the current direction of your career. Plus, you may need to add information for your current position(s) if you’ve been neglecting your resume after being hired.

Keep your education section clean

With only one page, you want to make sure you’re using the space in the most effective manner. Often this means consolidating when you can, and usually a good place to start is with your education. It’s tempting to list your GPA, internships, and roles in organizations because they help represent you as a person and show what you’ve accomplished; however, at some point these details should fall off your resume.

The longer you’ve been out of the school, the more you’ve (presumably) done professionally. As a result, your experience and skill sections should grow instead of relying on work you did as a student nearly 10 years ago.

Update your skills

As you advance in your career and grow in roles, your skills will expand too. Not only will you figure out more of what is needed for your field, you’ll find yourself learning new and valuable skills on the job. By the keeping this section updated and relevant, you’ll make sure you’re representing yourself and what you can do well in the job search.

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