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5 Benefits to Letting Your Office Employees Work Remote

July 16th, 2019

You hear more about the trends of telecommuting and letting your employees work from home, but you may still have reservations. It’s a big adjustment from having all your team in the office on the same schedule to then trusting them to get the work done independently. If you’re deciding if this is a good move for you, here are five benefits to consider about letting your employees work remotely.

More satisfied employees

Work-life balance is frequently discussed because of decades of neglecting this important concept. More people are searching for opportunities that afford them a greater balance between job and home. By giving your employees this option, you’re creating a better environment for your team that will make them happier, but it’s also a great selling point in recruiting new talent.

Expand your talent pool

Right now, if you don’t allow working remotely, you’re limiting your talent pool to your area. Even if your company is in a large city, it doesn’t mean you aren’t missing out on the perfect person somewhere else. With the ability to offer remote positions, you’re expanding your search and can find the right person who won’t be deterred by having to relocate.

You don’t have to be completely remote

Offering the remote option doesn’t mean you have to close down your physical location. Many companies offer a balance and the option of working from home, but it isn’t the standard for every day. When considering a remote option, it’s important to consider what it could and should look like for your specific company.

Less out-of-office time for employees

Whether it’s because they can work through minor illnesses or they won’t feel as burnt out, you’ll notice your employees needing to take less time off. A cough can keep an employee home for fear of spreading it throughout the office, but the option to work from home means they can do their job without sharing their germs. Plus, with more time at home, even though they’re working, your team will feel less stressed and less in need of frequent vacations.

You also get to work from home

Opening up the option to work remotely gives you all the same benefits as your team. Certain aspects might be different because you are the boss, but you can have the peace of staying at home without the chaos of the office occasionally. Plus, it’s likely you’ll be happier too.


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