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Has Work Got You Stressed? Here Are 6 Tips to Get You Through the Day

June 5th, 2019

At some point in your career, you’ve likely felt stress on the job. it could a new role, new boss, new responsibilities or nothing new at all. The daily grind can be enough to increase anxiety in your life. In fact, 70% of adults feel some level of anxiety or stress every day, however knowing it’s the norm doesn’t make it better.

Even though the stress is caused by work, it doesn’t mean you’re leaving it at the office when you go home at the end of the day. Usually it will follow you to every activity and be a nagging reminder of what’s waiting for you. To enjoy your time more, here are six stress-relief tips to help you make it through the day.


Control what you can; let go of what you can’t

Picture the things you can control as a small circle around you where you can reach. Everything beyond that circle are things you can’t control. This image is a great reminder that if you keep trying to control what you can’t, you will become more defeated and frustrated. Tackle what is in your power instead of reaching beyond your limits.

Get active

Even if you hate working out, it’s an important part of life. Especially if you work a job centered around a computer, you need that time to get moving. Even when you’re forcing yourself to do it and feeling no benefit, it’s helping to reduce stress and anxiety.

Just breathe

This is good practice to use in the moment on the job. When you start to feel incredibly overwhelmed, let yourself breathe. Take slow, concentrated breaths to help you refocus. There are many breathing techniques out there designed to help you calm down.

Track your eating

Similarly, to getting active, a lot of people probably don’t want to swap out their sugary foods, but it can do more than help your diet. Processed foods and caffeine help you feel better in the moment, but over time they can actually make your anxiety worse.

Walk away

It seems counterintuitive to walk away from a project, but your mind will thank you. Taking breaks can help you focus more on a project. A momentary pause can recenter your mind and increase your energy level.

Develop a morning routine

First, make sure it doesn’t involve immediately checking your email. Start your day by taking it slow through yoga or stretching or maybe a workout. Even just time to get ready without bringing work into the mix can help start your days better.


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