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WOW Your New Candidates Before Their First Day on the Job

May 30th, 2019

Your new hire’s experience at your company begins before they step through the front door for their first day. Too often, not enough time and care is put into the initial stages of the new hire and thinking about their first day.


Think about your own experience – how many times have you sent the job offer, had it accepted, and then told them when to come in for their first day. They arrive, speak with HR for a bit, and then sit at their new desk all day trying to take it all in. Instead of assuming it will work out, it might be time to try wowing your candidates before they start working.


Consider the golden rule

You know the idea of treating others like you want to be treated, but is your idea of good treatment being left alone all day in a strange space by yourself? It probably isn’t for your candidate either! As you think through all the onboarding stages, put yourself in their shoes and fill in the gaps of what you would want to know.


Don’t shy away from the mundane details

When you establish your new hire’s first day, you tell them where and when and who they’ll be immediately meeting with. While this is helpful, it ignores all the other anxieties that may come from a first day, like how lunch works, parking if there isn’t a lot, dress code, etc. Informing the candidate about the details of your office is helpful, so they come in with a small understanding of operations.


Give them a heads up about their first day

One way to get them started on the right foot is to develop a meeting itinerary with department heads to help them meet their co-workers, put faces to names, and learn more about the company. By sending them a first-day agenda, you’re letting them know what to expect which can ease some of the first day jitters.


Have everything ready when they arrive

All this pre-work may be for naught if you don’t have everything ready to go when they arrive. This includes having their computer, email and phone ready. It shows them you take the time to make sure everything is ready, and their arrival wasn’t a surprise.


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