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5 Steps to Becoming a Reliable Co-Worker

May 23rd, 2019

Considering how much time you spend on the job, getting along with your co-workers is essential. One of the best ways to develop professional relationships and work well with your team is to become a reliable co-worker. Here are five steps to get you there:


  1. Start with good habits

Being reliable for your team begins with being reliable to yourself. By getting into the habit of daily routines and disciplines, you’re setting yourself up for success when working with others. Focus on doing your work to the best of your ability without becoming fixated on the impossible standard of perfection.


  1. Do what you say you’ll do

Once you’ve got a handle on your own workload, you can show you’re the type of worker who begins a project with enthusiasm and finishes strong. When you suggest something in meeting, you can be trusted to get it done. The easiest way to be viewed as unreliable is to never complete any of the tasks you take on.


  1. Say no when you need to

Part of being able to do what you say you’ll do is understanding you can’t say yes to everything. When you don’t say no, you keep adding work to your pile and inevitably something will fall through the cracks. You want to be a good team player, but not at the expense of your work. Even if a co-worker is initially bothered by your response of no, you have to remain focused on your current commitments.


  1. Communicate frequently

Even when you have a good balance, life will happen and throw everything off. In these cases, it’s important to keep your co-workers updated instead of pretending you aren’t behind and struggling in silence. Everyone understands things come up, and your team will appreciate your transparency instead of a last-minute realization that something won’t get done. Remember, their time matters, and you want to respect it and them.


  1. Be honest always

This doesn’t just mean when a big thing happens at work and you have to own up to a mistake. Being truthful at work is also about the small things, including lies of omission and gossip. Anytime you spread a rumor or allow a false belief to stand, you’re giving your co-workers a glimpse of your character. Reliability is about more than trusting in you to get the job done; it’s about believing you’re someone they can trust in all situations.


Develop your professional skills

Now that you’re on your way to becoming a reliable co-worker, there are other areas to consider, like developing your professional skills. Staffing Resources is a temporary employment agency in Atlanta dedicated to getting know you and help you in your career. Learn more about our hiring process today!

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