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You Made a Mistake at Work…Here’s How to Own-Up to it!

April 18th, 2019

The moment you make a mistake on the job, your mind starts swirling with ideas about how to respond. Panic sets in and the temptation builds to ignore it or find a way to make it not your fault. You know the serious consequences a mistake at work can have and you want to avoid them. Instead of covering up what happened, here’s how you own up to your error.


Start With Admitting What Happened

Unless it’s a minor error you can correct without further implications, you need to immediately talk to your supervisor about what happened. This instant acknowledgment will show you aren’t attempting to hide anything, which will help you maintain integrity. Even delaying talking to your boss with the plan to fix the mistake first can hurt you down the line.


Express Your Remorse in Moderation

When you admit the mistake, it’s important to admit guilt and express your remorse over the situation. Let your manager know you’re sorry it happened, then let it go. Going overboard can make it a bigger deal and cause other people to focus on your mistake and not the plan moving forward. You want to handle it well, not remind them constantly it was your fault.


Have a Plan in Mind

After you admit and apologize for your error, it’s time to present a plan. Saying sorry with a shrug will make you seem like a fool in the eyes of your employer, but true remorse with a plan can show you’ve thought through the decision and have a plan to improve the situation.


If you can’t immediately determine a solution, be honest with your supervisor and let them know some of your ideas, and that you’re going to keep working until you can determine the remedy. The key is to not make it someone else’s job to fix what you did, and showing initiative is crucial at this stage.


Focus on Yourself

Even if the mistake was made in a team environment, don’t go to your supervisor and tell them exactly who screwed up. As professionals, everyone should hold themselves accountable, but you can only be responsible for yourself. Trust the truth will come out regardless, and avoid being a tattle tale.


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