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3 Things You Should Do IMMEDIATELY After Applying to a New Job

April 4th, 2019

Applying for a job is not a one-step process. Submitting your resume and application is simply the first step of many, and failing to follow them can cost you a new job. Instead of leaving your situation up to fate, consider these three things you should do immediately after applying for a job.


  1. Track the Position

One of the easiest ways to make your life less chaotic during the job search is to develop a system of organization. In this spreadsheet or whatever method you choose, you can record the date, company and position you’re applying for, as well as any information about the position or links to the posting.


By tracking each position, you can easily check on the details of an opportunity if and when a company follows up for an interview. Instead of pretending you know which job they’re referring to, you can be sure. Also, when you know exactly when you applied, you can know when to follow up if you haven’t heard anything.


  1. Do Your Research

Even though you’re in the preliminary phases, it’s good to do some basic research into the company, so you have a better understanding of their mission and what they do. You never know when the company may call for a phone screening, and you don’t want to be caught off guard.


Conducting research before scheduling an interview can also help you decide if this is a place where you can see yourself working. In some cases, what you learn may either reinforce your plans or change your mind completely. Either way, it’s important to know.


  1. Be on Alert

As soon as you start submitting applications, you should expect to be receiving calls. Because of this, you should always be ready to answer their questions and set up an in-person interview. There are some cases where the timing doesn’t work out, but you should be prepared no matter what.


Steps can include taking your planner with you at all times during normal business hours, or at least keeping your phone calendar up to date so you can confirm on the spot whether or not you’re available at a certain time. Keep your resume in an accessible place, and warn those you live with about your intentions and ask for their cooperation.


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