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The Impact of Being Negative at Work

February 28th, 2019

It’s likely you’ve experienced some bad days on the job. Things don’t go well, and the atmosphere of frustration and disappointment is heavy around the office. In the best situations, these are occasional occurrences and you know that within a few days everything will go back to normal.


In some cases, this is the norm. Negativity seems to have taken over the workplace creating a cloud that never lifts. More than just the potential pessimism, selfishness and deceit, being negative on the job can have real impact in your office.


Motivation suffers

Depending on the cause of the negative environment, you may lose trust in your leaders and no longer believe in the mission of what you do. Without real passion, your work becomes lifeless and it’s hard to motivate yourself to do the simplest task. The longer it goes, the more likely it is you’ll see co-workers leave and even find yourself considering something new.


Communication is disrupted

Depending on how toxic your environment is, you’ll experience disruptions in communication several ways. Between co-workers it can become strained due to previous and heated discussions as well as general distrust. You may no longer trust the messaging from leadership based on what transpired.


Creativity is nonexistent

Instead of thinking of new and innovative ways to accomplish something and pushing yourself to do something different, the negative environment convinces you to keep doing what you’ve always done. It could come down to motivation or maybe you know your ideas won’t be recognized or appreciated.


Teamwork is a thing of the past

The spirit of comradery is gone, and people don’t want to work together. New hires are thrown into an environment where no one wants to help or go out of their way. Maybe you’ve even experienced people you used to brainstorm with now sit at their desks all day and have no interest in helping anyone out.


Know when it’s time to leave

While negative environments are draining, they’re not always a permanent state. Decide if your company will pull through and make the commitment to become more positive. If you don’t see a sign signaling better days, consider finding something new with Staffing Resources.

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