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Job Hopper? Here’s How to Explain This in Your Next Interview

January 23rd, 2019

At some point during your career, you may experience a season of job hopping. Whether it’s due to freelancing, downsizing or dissatisfaction, you’ll rack up a lot of positions in a short amount of time. This can become an issue when it’s time to interview for a new position.


Employers are leery of job hoppers because they’re looking for an employee who stays. They know the time and cost of hiring someone new and want to make sure that investment isn’t wasted. When you’re ready for a new opportunity, here are some suggestions to explain your job hopping in your next interview.


Start by organizing your resume

Most resumes follow the chronological format, meaning you’ll list all your positions starting with the most recent. For someone with a lot of positions, this can be an immediate red flag. A functional format allows your skills and abilities to shine, meaning what you can do is more prominent than where you’ve been.


With this, you have a few options. One is to divide your expertise into skills, and then list the experience you’ve had underneath each skill. This way your work is included as it contributes to what you can do on the whole.


Prepare your answers

A functional resume may get you an interview, but it’s likely your job hopping will come up in conversation. Hiding the facts is never advisable, so you need to be prepared to answer any questions that arise.


The key is to be unbiased and concise. If asked why you left a position, don’t blame the company or be negative. If it’s more complicated than layoffs and downsizing, you can say it’s because your skills weren’t being used to their full capacity, and then segue that into what you’ve done in the meantime for professional development or why you know you’ll use your skills in this position.


Ease their fears

Even with a well-organized resume and excellent answers, they still might be unsure about bringing you on board. Continue to assure them of your dedication and offer references who can vouch for your commitments. If you’ve been doing something long term that isn’t work related, such as volunteering or freelancing, share that experience as well to show you have experience in longevity.


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