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4 Tips to Improve Communication With Your Boss

December 19th, 2018

Your relationship with your boss can make or break your experience at work. The better you get along with and respect your superior, the better your work life will be. Sometimes, this relationship comes naturally, but often there are areas for improvement. One of the most important factors to consider is communication, and here are four tips to help you get better at communicating with your boss.


  1. Be prepared

Both you and your manager’s time is precious at work, meaning you should enter every meeting and conversation prepared. Think of potential questions they may have about a report or project and find answers ahead of time. Show them that you respect their time and won’t waste it.


  1. Tell the truth

When something goes wrong, like a negative report or error on your part, it’s tempting to lie to your superior about what happened. You may want to twist things just a bit in your favor or stretch the truth to make the reality seem better than it is. It’s important to resist this urge. When you’re honest and present your boss with what happened, own up to it and show a solution you’ve developed based on what happened. Being dishonest won’t build trust, but telling the truth will let them see they can rely on you.


  1. Solve problems

To show your manager you’re competent, always try to be a problem solver. Before you ask a question, work to find the answer. Finding your solutions makes you a capable employee instead of one who frequently has to ask for help. This also extends to when you’re having issues around the office. Don’t rely on your boss to fix it for you – work with the involved parties and come to an agreeable decision.


  1. Accept feedback

The truth can hurt, but it doesn’t mean it’s unwarranted or incorrect. Even if your boss provides feedback you don’t like or agree with, you have to take it respectfully. Ask more questions in a non-confrontational method to help you correct what’s happening and dedicate yourself to improving your performance. Professional feedbacks are personal and essential to your success.


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