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Here’s How to Get Ahead of Your 2019 Goals

November 20th, 2018

The end of 2018 is approaching quickly, possibly leaving you wondering what happened to year at all. It feels like you were just thinking about what you wanted to accomplish this year and now it’s time to think about another. You don’t want to wish the time away, but being mentally prepared for the fresh start of 2019 might guarantee your most productive year yet.


Don’t wait to set your goals

New Year’s is more than a month away, but your goals shouldn’t wait that long. Start thinking about what you accomplished this year and what you’d like to do next year. Begin journaling through your plans and set loose goals that can be adjusted as you approach the end of the year.


Make a reasonable plan

By February, a whopping 80 percent of resolutions made will have failed. That means it only takes a month for most people to fall off their wagons and lose sight of what they wanted to accomplish. Often this happens because lofty goals are set without a real plan. It can be a fresh start, but it doesn’t mean you’re going to suddenly become an expert at weight loss or writing a novel.


Think of your goals for the new year like you would for any project. Create an overarching goal that indicates exactly want you want to accomplish. The key is to make it measurable and attainable. Most people will fail because they’ve set themselves up for failure.


Don’t just say you’ll be more active; decide what you’re going to do to make it a reality. Another helpful method is breaking down your goal by months. For example, if writing a book is your goal, decide what you want to have reasonably accomplished each month. By doing this, you’re creating benchmarks to help indicate how you’re doing and breaking up the work so it isn’t overwhelming.


Find someone to hold you accountable

Too often we fail because we’re in it alone. When you have someone aware of your goals and in your corner, it’s harder to just quit or decide it isn’t worth it. The extra level of accountability can help you achieve your goals.


Be confident in yourself

The key to making your 2019 goals is believing you can do it. As soon as that voice of doubt makes you feel like you aren’t capable, you’ll begin to assume it’s true and think you were doomed to fail at your resolutions anyway. Instead of letting that voice win, remind yourself of everything you have done and listen to the voice that believes in you.


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