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How You Can Turn Around Your Bad Attitude at Work

October 16th, 2018

At some point, you’ve likely dealt with a bad attitude at work. Whether it was a co-worker, employee, or even your own, you know the effects it can have on morale. It seems as if there’s no way of pleasing this person, with everything just being another slight against them. Too often, you find your frustration rising to meet their attitude. Instead of letting this person bring you down, try some of the following tips to turn around a bad attitude and encourage a more positive environment.


Lead by Example

Even when it’s hard, don’t let this attitude affect your own. By letting your mood slide, you’re showing other co-workers this is best way to handle the negative person. Instead, remain positive through it all, so that when they watch your interaction, they might be more positive as well.


Encourage Action

If you’ve identified a complainer, it’s likely you’re going to expect them to complain in every interaction. Next time, rather than accepting that they will have something negative to say, ask them for some solutions. Express genuine interest in their problem solving, and encourage them to do something instead of being upset.


Embrace Feedback

Too often in the busyness of everyday work life, positive feedback gets lost and there’s only time to correct someone. Make it a point to give positive recognition to others in the office, even your employee with a bad attitude.


Similarly, encourage feedback from your team. Let them have the chance to tell you how the workplace could be improved and what’s going on that they’re unsure of. By providing a means of two-way communication, they will feel more heard, and hopefully negative attitudes can start to turn around.


Empower Employees

An employee with a bad attitude might feel they have no control over their work life, which causes unlimited negativity. Talk to them about their potential and ways they begin to make their own decisions. Not only will this help them hopefully be more positive, they will trust you more.


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