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3 Signs of a Toxic Manager

October 10th, 2018

Dealing with a range of supervisor personalities is a common thread among the workforce. Sometimes it can seem like no two are the same, with each bringing their own set of intricacies to the job. Perhaps you’re currently in a situation with a manager you aren’t pleased with, whether it’s their personality, demeanor, or work ethic. Too often, you find a situation with a boss goes beyond frustrating; they seem downright toxic.


How do you tell the difference between a bad boss and a toxic one? One Gallup survey found 41 percent of American workers claim to have been psychologically harassed by their supervisor and 50 percent claim to have quit their job because they had a problem with their manager. Knowing you’re in good company, here are three signs you have a toxic manager, too.


They’re Selfish

A selfish supervisor engages in several unhealthy and hurtful habits, such as focusing on their own growth and claiming all your success as their own. You worked hard on an idea or project, only to have them present it and leave your name out of it. During meetings, you aren’t given the opportunity to speak, despite having valuable information to contribute.


They Promote an Unhealthy Team

A healthy team is united and has each other’s back, but it might seem like your manager is trying to sabotage the hope of anything positive. They play favorites and then pit co-workers against each other in a competition. They’ll gossip with you about a team member and try to engage you, and then you learn they’ve also been talking behind your back.


They Don’t Have Integrity

Leading with integrity is one of the best things for a manager to do, but a toxic boss will consistently show a lack of this. Whether it’s always blaming others for mistakes or lying to get out of situations, you know your manager doesn’t have any guiding principles except their own desire to advance.


When It’s Time to Leave, We’re here For You

It’s hard to know if it’s time to leave or if things might get better at the office. When you finally reach the point when it’s time to go, trust Staffing Resources to find a great position at one of the top companies to work for in Atlanta. We built our reputation on personal relationships, and we’ll make sure you’re taken care of every step of the way.

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