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Unique Benefits You Could be Offering Your Employees

September 27th, 2018

When thinking about the perks employees love, it’s easy to get caught up in traditional benefits. More time off, better health insurance, and flexible work options immediately occur to you. While your team loves all those things, there are some unique offerings that can boost your company culture and morale without overspending.


Allow pets in the office

Few joys are greater than when a dog comes into a workspace. Animal lovers immediately pounce to give the furball all the love and attention they have available. Scheduling specific days to bring in pets or even allowing them every day is a great way to keep people at the office happy and smiling.


With this, there needs to be some rules and awareness. First of all, make sure a majority of the office likes dogs. If more people are allergic and/or afraid, you could be causing more problems. Second, set clear guidelines about the types you will allow so unruly and loud pets don’t become a distraction.


Ditch the 9-5

More and more companies are abandoning the 40-hour workweek in favor of letting employees decide when they want to work. By trusting people to do their work and not abuse the policy, you’re showing you trust your team and want to give them the best work experience.


Flexible family time

Similar to flexible work schedules is giving people time for families. This goes beyond just time off; it encompasses needing to take a child to the doctor or pick them up from school. By allowing employees to take care of their business without policing hours or requiring they use PTO, you’ll find people who appreciate you and want to work harder because they’re treated well.


Fun extras

Employee appreciation isn’t a once-a-year thing, and there are many small things you can do throughout the year. Consider special days with ice cream socials, partnership programs that provide free books or even group outings. Excursions and events like this don’t need to cost a fortune and they can help develop a healthier company culture.


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