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How to Juggle Work and Back to School Time as a Parent

August 9th, 2018

As summer begins to wind down, you might find yourself feeling higher levels of anxiety as the fall season approaches. It isn’t all the pumpkin-flavored foods that are stressing you out – it’s the realization that soon it’s time to juggle your job and your kids going back to school.


While summer brings its own issues, like childcare and occupying your children, it’s usually a more relaxed time for everything. Seeing the school supplies arrive in stores makes you realize soon life will be ramped up a notch. More than simply getting your kids to school, their activities will start up again, quickly filling your schedule. The last few months of the year leading up the holidays can seem like a nightmare, but we have some suggestions to help keep everyone in your household sane.


Keep it organized

Simply keeping track of your life can give your brain the feeling of control, allowing you to feel less overwhelmed. One of the easiest ways to do this is having a calendar accessible by everyone in your household. This way they’re aware of where you are and where they have to be at what times. As soon as a new event comes up, make adding it to your calendar the first step, so it doesn’t get lost in the craziness.


If your children have tablets or smartphones, consider a calendar app to keep track of the different schedules. Google Calendar allows you to create separate calendars and invite others to your event, making it easy to share what’s going on. It can even send you alerts when you want them, so you don’t forget to leave on time to pick someone up.


Get into a routine

The time to get everyone ready for school life is not the night before school starts. Slowly get everyone back into the habit of school schedules by waking them up earlier and having them get ready before you go to work. This way early mornings aren’t as much of a shock to your kid’s systems and you get the slow starts out of the way. Once you’ve established a routine, stick with it! This rhythm will help all of your lives run more smoothly.


Take care of yourself

Back to school means spending most of your time getting your kids where they need to be, but don’t lose focus on yourself. To be the best caretaker, you have to first take care of yourself. A burnt-out parent can cause more trouble for the kids. Hire a sitter and spend an evening doing something you love or having date night. Allow yourself to have moments to breathe, so you can conquer back to school season.


Find the right fit for you

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