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Why Mental Health Days Are Important to Your Employees

June 26th, 2018

Some days you wake up completely exhausted and stressed and realize you need a day off, but it’s only Wednesday. Because you aren’t physically sick, you go through the motions at work while the feelings of exhaustion continue to pile up. This continues until you finally have a moment to relax once the weekend comes.


Taking a day off due to illness is normal, but mental health days remain less popular. Your employees will call in and claim to be sick when in reality they just need a break. As an employer, you’ve likely considered doing the same. With the realization that flexibility encourages employee productivity and loyalty, have you ever considered making mental health days an option for your team?


Why mental health days are important

Work will most likely cause everyone stress at some point in their life. Spending so much time in tight quarters with the same people is taxing enough, not to mention deadlines and assignments and overtime on top of that. Your employees can become burnt out very easily and feel like they don’t have a way to take a day and relax.


It’s important to recognize the job is a leading cause of stress for your team and they can benefit from the ability to take a break when they need it. Not only will they be grateful for the chance, they’ll come back more refreshed.


You’re helping your company when you give them a break

Research continues to show the value of mental breaks, even during the workday. Short breaks for employees to check their phones and take a walk actually help them maintain productivity. The same logic applies to giving them a break in the form of a mental health day.


When they have a chance to decompress and let go of the work stress, your employee will return and be more productive and creative. This means a simple break for your team benefits what you do on the whole.


How your work relationships will improve

It’s likely members of your team have taken a mental health day and called it something else. By letting them be honest about why they need the day, you’re opening the conversation about their mental health and creating a space where they can share things with you as they pertain to their position and know you care. That honesty can help with loyalty both to you and your company.


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