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How to Be an All-Star Delegator and Why It’ll Make You a Better Leader

June 12th, 2018

Delegating is a concept foreign to many leaders and managers. The drive that gets you into a position of power is the same one telling you to keep as many responsibilities as possible to make sure everything is done correctly. Instead of relying on your team for assistance, you’re essentially telling them you don’t trust their work.


Just because you believe your way is the right way doesn’t mean your employees can’t do it and still achieve the same result. Holding onto projects for fear of losing control can lead to problems on your team and added stress in your life. Rather than assuming responsibility for everything, here are a few ways to begin delegating and the benefits you’ll see.


Surround yourself with a good team

First and foremost, you need people you can trust. Not simply to execute your way, but to better your company. Before you can pass off responsibilities, you need to right people in place who can understand what needs done and make it happen instead of floundering. When looking to hand off projects, consider the different members of your team as well as their strengths. Try to line these up with the various tasks, so you’re setting them up to succeed.


Explain the process

If you’ve always done these jobs, your team might need to learn how they’re actually done. Take time to explain what it actually is and why it’s important, then tell them how you do it. Don’t impress upon them your way is the only way; instead, let them know why you think this method is best but open it up for improvements. Them finding a better way doesn’t negate all the work you’ve done because different minds can come up with different solutions.


Create deadlines

It’s likely these tasks already have a timeframe, but you’ll want to give them a specific deadline as well. This way if assistance is needed or any edits/modifications, you have time to intercede and assist when necessary. Letting them go and assuming it will get done is very trusting, but not always wise.


Don’t micromanage

Similarly, you don’t want to be too involved and become a micromanager. Part of trusting your team is letting them actually work and solve their own problems. If your assistance is needed, the help is appreciated, but unwarranted tips can cause your employees to feel as if you don’t think they’re capable of completing it on their own.


Benefits of delegation

By freeing up your time from certain projects, you have more opportunity to be a leader within your team and find new ways to inspire and motivate them. Your team will respect you more because you trust them enough to delegate certain responsibilities.


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