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3 Key Points That Might Be Missing From Your Employee Handbook

May 30th, 2018

One of the most important resources for your company is its handbook. A well-assembled document is helpful for outlining all your policies for easy reference and ensuring all employees are on the same page. It creates the expectations for an organization, both in how employees behave and how they are treated.


A well-written employee handbook is more than just a tool for current employees – it can be a recruitment piece for top talent you want to recruit. As a representation of who you are as a company, it can entice someone to join your team. Because of this, keeping your handbook updated is vital to your success.


Crafting a Successful Handbook

Handbooks should be ever-evolving but not a finite set of rules. It should outline without confining, giving human resources the opportunity to explain the practices. One of the worst things you can do is fail to update the handbook at least once a year.


Additionally, your language should be unique to your organization so it represents you best. Don’t be overly wordy or academic; your employees are humans and it should be written to appeal to them. Keep legal counsel in the loop so they can review the updates to avoid potential issues.


Most handbooks will contain information about wages, leave, holidays, and absences, but in the ever-changing world, there are areas that might be overlooked.

Social Media/Smartphone Policies

You can’t afford to ignore your employees’ use of social media or their smartphones. Failing to outline policies can lead to confusion and an inability to provide feedback about excessive use when needed. Decide what works best for your company. For example, you could prohibit use entirely or permit periodic breaks and checks as long as it didn’t interrupt or reduce productivity.



Many companies will include sections about drug testing, but with marijuana legal in several states, outlining the details of this depending on your state is important. Smoking in general is a more complex issue with the recent growth of e-cigarettes. If you haven’t taken the time to right regulations about their use in and around your office, now is the time.

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