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The Best Way to Answer to Why You Left Your Last Job

April 18th, 2018

‘Why did you leave your last job?’ is one of the most stressful questions you can be asked. In some situations, it’s no big deal. A friend wants to know, and you can be as honest as you’d like. When it’s in the interview setting, the pressure to represent yourself well as a professional while being honest and not compromising your chances can cause overwhelming anxiety.


Fortunately, this question is one you can anticipate. Worrisome as it is, you know it’s coming and you can work to prepare an answer that will keep the interview on track and keep your potential new employer satisfied.


The best approaches when answering why

You’re coming to this question from many different situations – maybe you’re still employed and looking, or maybe you were fired. This means the explanations you’ll have to give will vary as well. Even so, there are a few basic rules to consider when crafting your answer about why you left a job.


  1. Stay positive

Even when you have legitimate positive reasons for leaving, there are usually negatives as well. Perhaps the company culture was so toxic you had to get out. It’s your responsibility to focus on the understandable reasons and not the one that makes it seem like you’re simply slamming your last employer. The easiest way to remain positive is to say you’re simply looking for a new opportunity and explain why.


  1. Stay honest

Positivity is key, but honesty is crucial. Leaving voluntarily is one thing, allowing room for you to shape a more positive answer. If you’ve been fired, this question becomes exponentially more difficult. Though tempting, you must tell your interviewer about your dismissal, but frame it in a light that can show how much you’ve learned and how you plan to do better at your next opportunity. Everyone makes mistakes, but owning up to it can do you a favor in the interview. Lying, however, can always come back to hurt you.


  1. Stay complimentary

In all situations, talk about the incredible opportunity with the interviewer’s company. If you’re leaving your current job, you can make it seem as if it’s so desirable they’re stealing you away. If you’ve been let go in the past, talk about all the great things you’ve heard about this company, and then list the ways you can positively impact it.


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