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Are You Facing Burnout from Work? Maybe it’s Time to Change Jobs!

March 23rd, 2018

When you start a job, you’re full of hope and eagerness to perform. Maybe it’s your dream job or simply something to pay the bills, but either way you want to give it your all. Your goal is to make this feeling last, but all too often that new job feeling fades. No matter what the feeling turns into, the reality is once you fall out of love with your work, you can leave the office every day feeling drained.


The first step is to figure out why your job is suddenly so draining. Are you disconnected from the mission? Have there been changes recently that have left you feeling unsure of the company’s future? Or maybe what you thought was your dream position isn’t working out. To determine your next step, ask yourself these three questions:


  1. What is most important to me?


While many argue a job is meant to provide not fulfill, life is better when you enjoy your work. If you are doing something that goes against what’s important to you, it’s likely you’ll leave feeling drained every day. There are hard days in every field, but there should also be days that inspire you. Figure out what is most important for you and find a career that aligns with those values.


  1. What do I want to invest my time and energy in?


If you spend time at your job thinking about what else you should be doing, maybe it’s time to really consider doing that. Even if it seems impractical, research ways you can make it a reality and pursue a field that will make you want to go to work every day.


  1. What is stopping me from changing jobs?


Everyone has dreams, just like everyone has practical reasons why they can’t come true. Sometimes money or location limit us, but it can also be less tangible, like letting down our family or even our supervisor by leaving. Write a list of all the pros and cons of leaving your job for something else and figure out the reasonable concerns as well as solutions. This will help you examine what you’re facing and decide if changing jobs is the right option for you.


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