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5 Reasons Your Company Culture May Be Turning Away Great Candidates

March 16th, 2018

Have you posted a position with great expectations, only to find you weren’t attracting the right kind of talent? The salary and benefits align with what your competitors offer, but still you see a lack of interest. Maybe it’s time to consider the impact your culture has as the best candidates search for new positions. Consider these five reasons that could be hurting your recruiting:


  1. You’re immediately dismissing those you feel aren’t qualified


It’s true you want to find the best for your team, but those applying shouldn’t feel as if they’re treated as less because you don’t view them as qualified. You can search for the best while not immediately disregarding everyone else. It’s even worse if you use prescreening tests: This immediately tells those applying what you think is important ranks higher than actually meeting and talking to applicants. Not only is this outdated, you may be missing your star because they didn’t do as well on the test.


  1. You’re forcing applicants to fill out archaic forms


If you’ve ever applied for a job, it’s likely you’ve found one you’re interested in and were immediately directed to a series of pages that took an hour to complete. Sometimes you’re interested enough to stay, but sometimes it’s too much and you click away to something easier. Despite the pros you think you receive from these, the cons could be costing you top talent.


  1. You’re not listing the salary, and/or you’re requesting they submit their ask


There are many factors when searching for a new job, but for most, salary is the driving force behind a decision. Before they begin the application process, candidates want to know if it is worth their time. Instead of making them guess, be transparent in your posting. Also, don’t request they tell you how much they want. Weeding out candidates based on their salary request is definitely a recipe to miss the best.


  1. You ‘ghost’ your applicants


Ghosting is a modern form of abandoning a romantic pursuit without closure, but the principle also applies to the job search. At some point in the process, you may stop communicating with them, leaving them guessing as to what’s happening. While no one likes a rejection email, they dislike a disappearing act even more.


  1. Your job postings are ridiculously wordy


When you describe your opening, does it sound like a human wrote it? Being overly wordy might confuse an applicant or even push them away due to annoyance or lack of understanding. You can be professional and conversational.


We understand the struggle!

At Staffing Resources, we know how hard it can be to attract the top candidates. It takes time from everyone on your team and adds stress through the entire process. We can match you with Atlanta’s most qualified talent and take the struggle out of your search. Visit to learn more.

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