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Want to Show Your Employer You’re Irreplaceable? Here’s how!

March 9th, 2018

Ask most professionals about the job market and their answers will most likely focus on the grim realities. The workforce is changing, and with that the availability of open positions. Companies are outsourcing and downsizing more, creating a shared anxiety among those currently working and searching.


Instead of focusing on everything that might happen to your position, try a different approach: make yourself indispensable. It’s easy to be an important part of a team, and becoming truly irreplaceable takes work, but it’s worth it. These four tips will set you on the path to securing your position for the long haul:


  1. Be a good employee


This seems obvious, but it goes beyond simply doing your job well.  One of the first steps toward being indispensable is standing out among your fellow employees. You want to get noticed for all the right reasons. This includes going above and beyond in your position, delivering excellent work, and always maintaining a good attitude and demeanor. If people enjoy working with you, they won’t want you to leave.


  1. Master certain skills


If you limit your job to something anyone could easily pick up, you’re already labeling yourself as replaceable. By learning a language relevant to your position or becoming an expert in an office system or technology, you’re adding an extra layer of necessity to what you do at the company. People will hesitate to look for an alternative because they know the value you add.


  1. Continually advance your skills


Being very good at what you do is necessary, but relying on what you had coming in can cause you to be overlooked. Make an effort to stay current with new trends related to your company and position, and work to always advance your own abilities so your employer will see someone who cares about their work and is dedicated to improving.


  1. Remember there are no guarantees


Mastering these tips and more may lull you into a false sense of security, but remember, at the end of the day, there are no guarantees. Cultures and fields rapidly evolve, and despite your best efforts, you might be replaced. It’s important to manage your expectations, and also ask yourself if the constant performing is worth the loose guarantee you seem to have.


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