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Looking To Make Your Workplace Desirable For Candidates? Follow These 3 Tips!

January 31st, 2018

In life it’s easy to overcompensate in every area. Instead of just listening to what people want, it can seem simpler to give them what you think they want. This tendency can present itself in a workplace as well, with employers thinking they understand what their employees want without taking the time to ask.


Each year, Glassdoor makes a list of the ‘Best Places to Work’ based on a number of different considerations, and examines all industries. Surprisingly, the traits shared among the top selections aren’t good benefits or pay, but how the employees are made to feel. Instead of thinking you need a more interesting space to seem desirable to your candidates, try these three tips:


  1. Appreciate your employees

People want to feel they matter at any level, whether they reside in a C-Level suite or just started in an entry-level position. Appreciation comes in many forms, from a raise to a simple ‘job well done,’ but a company that gives generously in any way is likely to see higher loyalty and retention because its people feel valued. This reputation can cause candidates to line up trying to get with you and your culture full of gratitude.


  1. Encourage them to grow

In most cases, a candidate isn’t looking for the position they’ll stay in forever. While it may be a good fit right now, they want to know there’s still space to grow and develop in their field. In fact, candidates often ask about the opportunities for growth within a company, and promoting this feature with examples will show people they can build a career at your company, not just a job for a couple of years.


  1. Be a sincere leader

As someone in charge, you set the tone for an organization. One of the best traits to have as a leader is the ability to listen. Instead of managing the way you think is right, make it a collaborative experience and gladly invite feedback. Employees who feel heard are employees who feel appreciated and want to stay.


Don’t overthink creating a desirable workplace – just treat your people well and the results will follow.


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