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7 Warning Signs Your New Hire Isn’t the Right Fit

January 19th, 2018

When you’ve spent hours carefully selecting the right candidate, you expect them to excel, succeed and make you proud. This may be the dream, but all too often candidates fall short of your expectations for many reasons. Your new employee may have seemed great in the interview, but simply falls flat in real life. Here are seven red flags to let you know your new hire isn’t the right fit:


  1. Attendance problems

All employees learn what they can and cannot get away with attendance-wise after spending some time with a company. While it’s always important to have punctual employees who make it to work, it’s especially troublesome if you have a new hire consistently breaking the rules.


  1. Cannot complete basic tasks

Starting a new job is intimidating, and as an employer, you understand the grace period needed for new employees as they get adjusted. If it’s several weeks in and they still ask for assistance to complete the basic tasks listed in the job description, you might have a bigger problem.


  1. Resistant to change

We all become accustomed to our way of doing things, but part of starting with a new company is recognizing they do things differently. Make sure your new hire isn’t dedicated to their old way and is willing to learn how your company completes tasks.


  1. Lack of desire to learn

A new hire should be trying to learn everything they can and take on as many responsibilities to prove that choosing them was a wise move. If you have a new hire who is content to just do their work without wanting to learn more, maybe it’s time to consider someone new.


  1. No enthusiasm

Passion may wane after some time with a company, but your new employee should be excited to come to work every day and make a difference. If you don’t see this at the beginning, how do you think they’ll act after staying at your company for years?


  1. Air of superiority on team

Your new candidate may be incredibly qualified and ready to shake things up with your team, but make sure they don’t strut about acting as if they can do it all and are better than everyone else. You want stars who know how to work as a team.


  1. Always looking upward

It’s natural for your employees to want to advance in their careers, but it should be a gradual process not an instant move. Be wary of new hires who begin looking for ways to grow before they’ve even established themselves in their positions.


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