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Is Your Time-Consuming Hiring Process Stressing You Out? Time For a Change!

December 26th, 2017

Losing an employee can invite different reactions from people throughout your company. Friends may be sad to see someone they like go and enemies might be secretly pleased they’re gone. The team responsible for filling the role might feel a mix of those, combined with the dread of the hiring process.


A good plan makes the transition easier, but it still takes time away from actual duties and can mentally drain a team stuck trying to find the right person. Instead of allowing the process to get the best of you, try these tips to stay above the stress.


Streamline the Process


One of the most beneficial ways to reduce your stress over the hiring process is to make sure your methods are sleek. Look for ways to onboard faster and schedule smarter so your current employees aren’t losing too much time in the search for someone new. A better system can get new candidates in front of you and on the team without stress or time-wasting.


Stick to Your Timeline


It’s easy to tell your candidates when you’re hoping to make a decision, but how often do you stand by that date? You mean it when you say it, but every other department has a say and people have different opinions about who is the right applicant to pursue. In the time it takes you to make a decision, your top pick may say yes to another opportunity and you have to start the laborious process all over again. Force people to have an opinion and participate at the right time to keep you from stress later.


Work With a Staffing Agency


The easiest way to save your staff time and stress is to let a staffing agency do the work for you. At Staffing Resources, we’re dedicated to finding you the top talent quickly and efficiently without wasting any time. While you have to pull your staff away from other duties, our main duty is to simply set you up for success.


Need Help Hiring?

We’re a top staffing agency in Atlanta and we’re here to connect the best with you. Contact us today and learn more about what we can do and all the ways we can help.

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