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4 Tips for Calming Your Nerves Before an Important Interview

December 19th, 2017

Searching for a new job causes many different and often conflicting emotions. After weeks of submitting applications, no moment is greater than when the follow up is received to schedule an interview. Immediately after that elation, however, comes the panic.


It’s easy to sell yourself on paper, but the face-to-face meeting makes or breaks your prospects. You try to be as prepared as possible, all while the anxiety continues to build. Instead of letting the stress get the best of you, try these tips to calm your nerves.


1.) Write down your thoughts and question them

One of the easiest ways to reduce anxiety is by writing down your thoughts. This technique works for job interviews. List everything you think about; then ask yourself if it’s true. Thinking logically may ease some of your concerns and allow you to feel calmer as the interview approaches.


2.) Take Care of Yourself, Mentally and Physically

Taking a minute to breathe and workout can increase your focus and energy and get you ready for the interview. Exercising produces a natural energy needed when you want to be on the top of your game, and taking to time to pause and breathe can help you refocus from negative and distracting thoughts.


3.) Psyche Yourself Up

Instead of thinking about all the ways you might mess up, remind yourself why you’re qualified. Focus on the best parts and for an added bonus, turn on the jams to get your blood pumping. A motivational playlist will get you in the zone and perk you up.


4.) Watch Cat Videos

After you’ve done the research and practiced and exercised and breathed, distract yourself. Laughter can reduce certain stress hormones in the body, allowing you to enter the interview room with less weight on your shoulders.


We’re Here to Keep You Calm!

There’s no doubt about it – job searching is stressful. From application to interview, there are always new hurdles and new things to figure out. Help us make it a more exciting, less terrifying time for you. At Staffing Resources, we want to connect you with the best companies in Atlanta and make sure you are ready when matched with your best fit. Contact us today to learn how we can help you!

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