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The Right Way to Write an Effective Job Posting

October 31st, 2017

Job postings on the internet have revolutionized the way both employers and job seekers find each other. It’s easier than ever to attract candidates to your open positions, but this openness also carries a downside: potentially thousands of resumes that aren’t what you’re looking for at your company.


The way you present your job posting will determine the quality of applicants you receive and help you wade through the masses of candidates who might apply. Instead of being overwhelmed, try these tips to make sure you write an effective job posting.


Ask the Person Currently in the Role to Help

If your company is filling a role currently occupied, work with the employee to make sure the description matches the day-to-day work as well as the larger-scope projects. This keeps the list of responsibilities streamlined to what is expected in the role instead of your perception.


If this is a new position, talk to other members of the department to see what they’re looking for the role to accomplish. A collaborative experience will help your employees feel valued in the search and guide you to a better position description.


Keep it Clear and Simple

Company jargon plagues everyone, but it can be very off-putting to candidates online reading your job post. If it doesn’t read well to people outside of your company, you may lose valuable applicants. Refine the description so it isn’t unnecessarily wordy or hard to follow. When a job seeker reads the post, they should easily understand what your company desires in a candidate.


Always Demand the Best


In addition to responsibilities, list the requirements for the position, including education, work experience, certifications and more. Be very specific in what you want for the open job to make sure applicants understand their level of qualifications. Some services even offer pre-screening questions, so if the candidate isn’t qualified, they are weeded out making your search easier.


In addition, require some additional work from the candidate. Cover letters call for extra thought and effort that may allow certain candidates to stand out. Assignments related to the position are another good indicator of the skill and drive behind those applying.


Work With Staffing Resources to Find the Right Candidate

As an Atlanta staffing agency, Staffing Resources is here to help do the pre-work for you. Looking for a new employee is time-consuming, but we can help match your descriptions with qualified applicants. We’ll make sure only the right matches make it through to ensure the best applicant for you.

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