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3 Tips for Finding the Right Resume Format for You

October 24th, 2017

When applying for a new job, your resume is often your first introduction to a potential employer. The impression it makes can either guarantee you an interview or send your application straight to the rejection pile. With that much pressure, the actual writing of a resume can be intimidating.


When you decide to do or update your resume, everyone will have an opinion to offer about the right way it should be done. Most often, you’ll hear keep it to one page, with an easy-to-follow format and readable fonts. While these basic tips are true in most cases, it’s important to make sure you’re choosing the right format for your career goals. These three tips will help you create the right resume for your dream job.


  1. Know Your Goals

What are you trying to accomplish in your career? If you’re looking to make a move within the same industry or field, you will go with a different style than if you wanted to try something new. Write down what you’re trying to accomplish with this job move and shape your resume around where you’re trying to go.


  1. Pick Your Style

Once you know where you want to go, you can select the right resume format to tell your professional story. In an article for The Balance, Dawn Rosenberg McKay offered three types of resume formats to consider: functional, chronological or a combination.


If a new field or career is your goal, a functional resume will help you relate the skills you’ve acquired in your current profession to where you’re trying to move. This allows you to show you’re qualified for the position even if you don’t have any relevant work experience.


If you’re just advancing in your current field, a chronological resume allows you to show what you’ve done, starting with your most recent employment, so your future employer can understand your career growth. As the name suggests, combination simply combines functional and chronological and is useful if you’re staying in a similar field because you can show off your skills and experience.


  1. Format Appropriately

It’s important to make sure your resume is readable, but the field you’re applying to will affect the level of creativity. In most fields, easy-to-read fonts like Arial and Times New Roman, sized 10 to 12 are ideal. Bold headings help to divide the content for easy reading with black ink on white paper.


In some cases, a non-traditional resume with colors or a varied layout might be the right choice to show your employer your creative thinking and design skills.


Still have questions?

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