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5 Techniques to Help Boost Your Phone Interview Skills

October 10th, 2017

We’ve all heard you should smile while talking on the phone because it can improve your responses. Similarly, how you prepare for a phone interview can drastically affect how your potential employer on the other line sees you.


It’s tempting to treat this as less than an actual in-person interview. You might keep your comfy clothes on and stay in bed because they can’t see you. You might even prepare less because you’re aware it’s a shorter interview.


The reality is you should treat a phone interview like a regular interview, putting in all the work you would if you were meeting face to face. These five techniques will help you sound better over the phone to your next employer.


  1. Be prepared

Sure, you’re likely to review the qualifications and requirements for the position, but take it one more step. In an Inc. article written to help phone interviewees guarantee a follow-up interview, Larry Kim suggested learning everything you can about the company from the website, checking out the person calling you on LinkedIn and then having notes handy to help prompt answers, questions, and talking points.


  1. Find an ideal location

The Interview Guys recommend turning off all distractions, like the television, and sitting at a table or desk, like an actual interview setting. This also allows you to have a computer in front of you with different windows open with items like your resume, the job posting and more to make sure you’re ready.


  1. Dress the part

If you’re doing the interview from home, being in your comfy clothes is tempting, but Monster points out that psychologically you will feel more prepared and on your game if you dress like it’s an actual interview.


  1. Prepare answers and questions

The main purpose of a phone interview is to see if you’re qualified and if you will fit with the culture. Make sure you have answers to showcase why you’re a perfect fit and questions to ask at the end to show you’re invested in the process.


  1. Follow up

You should send a thank-you card after every interview, referencing something in particular that was discussed to show the employer it’s not just a generic display of gratitude, even if you only spent 10 minutes on the phone.


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