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What Every Job Seeker Should Know About the Different Types of People They’ll Meet in an Interview

September 18th, 2017

Preparing for an interview can be nerve-wracking. You’re spending your time learning more about the company, rehearsing your answers and figuring out how to match your experience to your potential employer’s requirements.

While we review almost every aspect of the interview dynamic, sometimes we don’t consider the actual personality of the person conducting the interview. We’ve all experienced different types of people in this situation. Sometimes they are stone-faced and serious, providing zero non-verbal feedback. Sometimes you get someone who is overly friendly and it’s like talking to an old friend. How can you prepare for the different situations?


  1. Anticipate Different Personalities

When doing your research, try and get a feel for the company’s culture. Are the emails and phone calls you received to arrange the interview overly formal or do you detect a conversational tone? Research employees on LinkedIn to see how they present themselves and check out the company’s social media. These can help give you an idea of the type of personalities you may encounter.


  1. Pick-Up Response Cues

Even with diligent research, you might still be surprised when you sit down for the interview. Go into the room preparing to adapt as needed. If you expect your interviewer(s) to respond one way, you may be unprepared if a seemingly formal company throws the curveball of the goofy HR Director. You will notice the different responses within your first few answers, and this will help you determine the proper way to communicate with them.


  1. Stick to Who You Are

At the end of the day, a company wants to hire you for who you are and what you can do for them. Compromising too much of who you are in an interview may lead to a bad culture fit, causing problems further down the road if you’re hired. An air of formality is expected, but don’t be afraid to add dashes of yourself as well. This will help the employer see you for who you are beyond your resume and decide if he or she thinks you’d make a good fit at the company.


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