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Boost Workplace Productivity All Day with These 5 Tips

September 11th, 2017

There’s a new epidemic sweeping the workplace: presenteeism, or employees who show up to their jobs but are not productive. In fact, a study found that many who go to work every day claim to only be productive 50 percent of their time. Reportedly, that can cost almost $90 million annually in the workplace.

What can you, as an employer, do to make your employees more productive? Here are five tips to boost productivity all day.

Keep It Light

More than simply enjoying sunlight, our bodies crave the Vitamin D we receive from its rays. It’s a mood booster and according to studies can increase productivity.  Try setting up your office in a way that allows all employees access to the sun instead of windowless cubicles.

Use Goals Wisely

By setting short- and long-term goals, you can create a more productive atmosphere. A recent Inc. article outline the benefits of setting measurable goals and providing feedback to keep your team motivated. Take the time to recognize employees when they complete a task well and promptly provide suggestions for improvement when needed.

Keep It Fresh

It’s amazing the impact plants around the office can have on your employees. One study found that just being able to see a plant can increase one’s perceptions about quality of the air as well as making them feel more satisfied with work and more productive.

Allow Breaks

While it may seem counterproductive, brief mental breaks can cause improvements in productivity. Continuing to work for hours without a pause can cause a decline in output and performance. Ensure your employees know they’re allowed to step away from their desks and get some air occasionally to help clear their brains so they can return to work better than ever.

Avoid Unnecessary Meetings

Many meetings occur that could’ve been solved with an email or a phone call. Decide what topics need a meeting and what can be resolved quickly in one conversation. This will keep your employees working and not feeling drained.


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