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Four Ways to Make Sure You’re Challenging Your Employees

August 28th, 2017

Happy employees are 12 percent more productive, according to research published by Fast Company. More commonly, those who work for you want to see the purpose of their work and feel appreciated by their employers. Despite this desire, a Gallup poll found only 13 percent of employees around the world actually felt engaged.

Helping an employee trade complacency for engagement is crucial for your business’ success, but sometimes the effort to find this balance can lead to being more of a friend than a boss. Here are four tips to ensure you’re challenging your staff enough.


  1. You see the changes you request put into action

In a 2016 Forbes article, writer Mark Murphy discussed two tell-tale signs you’re too soft as a leader – your employees aren’t learning new things and they aren’t correcting issues that you’ve identified. If they respect your authority, they will listen and try to improve as you’ve advised, instead of assuming the way they’re doing things is best.


  1. They’re learning to problem solve without you

Small problems and conflicts may arise, but your employees’ first response shouldn’t be to turn to you if the matter is easily resolved. Being accessible is crucial, but raising up leaders on your team is equally essential.


  1. Your meetings are actually productive

We’ve all been in meetings that spiraled out of control very quickly. Every rooster is trying to rule the hen house, while the real leader seems powerless to resist. Take control of your team and make them listen. Show them you’re empathetic, but correct them when needed. By keeping everyone focused, you’ll leave your meetings feeling as if everyone is on a similar page toward achieving your company’s goals.


  1. The goals you set are being reached

One of the easiest ways to determine success is by reaching your goals. When you set goals for your team, they should measurable and attainable, but still challenging. Reward your team when they succeed or surpass your expectations, but hold them accountable when they miss the goal. This lets them see you are true to your word and you want them to succeed.


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