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How is Workplace Safety Shifting in 2017?

March 28th, 2017

With the start of a new presidential term, many people are wondering how OSHA regulations may be changing in 2017 and beyond. Federal rules aren’t the only way workplace safety is shifting, though. Here are a few of the changes you’ll be seeing this year. Staying on top of these changes will ensure your company remains OSHA compliant. It will also help you keep focused on employee health and safety.

Electronic OSHA Reporting

Many industries are already required to keep records of workplace accidents and injuries. But starting in 2017, OSHA will also require these records to be submitted electronically. OSHA plans to make these records publicly available, in the hopes that companies will be more motivated to improve safety measures. You can read the new rule on OSHA’s website.

Focus on Wellness Programs Continues to Grow

According to a white paper released by WebMD, 92 percent of millennials are either using wellness programs or are interested in them. As of 2015, millennials make up the majority of the workforce. So it should be no surprise that the popularity of wellness programs is expected to grow in 2017. Wellness programs keep employees healthy by promoting preventative healthcare. Adding a social component, perhaps by creating an exercise-related competition, will help motivate employees to participate.

Creating Engaging Safety Training Programs

While safety training programs are nothing new, there will likely be a shift in 2017. Digital training methods are easier and more cost-efficient than traditional training programs. And as the quality of these digital training programs improve, more and more companies will likely make use of them. Hybrid programs, which combine on-site training with online training, are also popular options.

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