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Why It’s a Good Idea to Stay Home When You’re Not Feeling Well

March 7th, 2017

To call in sick, or not to call in sick…that’s the question on the mind of many new hires. If you’re feeling under the weather, should you call out and stay home? Or will that make you look unprofessional? Many workers, especially when they are starting a new job, prefer to go in to work, no matter how they’re feeling. In fact, every week, 2% of U.S. workers go in to work while sick (source: Bloomberg). This is an unsettling trend, and it’s important to know why it’s a good idea to stay home when you’re not feeling well.

If You’re Contagious, Stay Home!

It’s admirable that you don’t want to miss work, but illness can be spread quickly in an office or other workplace. If you’re contagious, you should not be at work – even if it’s just a cold or flu. How do you know if you’re contagious?

  • A flu or cold virus is contagious from a day before you experience symptoms, and up to a week later – even if you just feel a cold coming on, it would be wise to stay home. (source: Medicine.Net)

  • A fever is almost always indicative of a contagious illness – if your temperature is higher than 99°F, stay home!

  • If you are coughing – especially if you are coughing up colored sputum – you are most likely contagious, and should stay home.

Calling In Sick Saves Your Employer Money?

If you’re worried about upsetting your employer by calling in sick, remember that staying home when you’re sick can actually save them money! That might sound strange, but it’s true. Between $3-12 million dollars per year are lost in U.S. businesses due to flu and cold. If everyone just stayed home when they were ill, fewer people at work would catch the bug, resulting in less money lost. So, the next time you’re sick, keep your co-workers’ health in mind, and stay home!

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