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Bad Habits That Impact Your Personal Productivity – And How to Get Over Them

February 24th, 2017

“A bad habit is like a warm bed on a cold day; it’s easy to get into and hard to get out of!” – unknown

Have you found your personal productivity slipping lately? It’s highly likely that one or more bad habits are to blame. Here are three common productivity zappers, along with advice on overcoming them.

Being Attached to Your Phone

Whether at work or at home, it’s hard to get anything done when there’s so many distractions just a thumb swipe away. Unfortunately, many people have gotten into the habit of waking up and going to bed with a phone in their hand.

To break this bad habit, try downloading an app like Forest or Self-Control. These apps block you from accessing certain websites or apps for a specific length of time, so you can put the phone down and get things done.

Over-Thinking Things

Sometimes, we have so much to do, or so many options, that we experience a kind of “analysis paralysis.” While you certainly don’t want to under-think important tasks, be careful that you don’t have a habit of over-thinking them, either.

If you’re already entrenched in this bad habit, practice focusing on just one task – and even just one step of that task – at a time, and put everything else out of sight.

Lacking Boundaries

Are you the sort of person who just can’t say “No?” If so, this could be a bad habit that is destroying your personal productivity. If you’re spending all your time doing things for other people, when will you find time to do the things on your own to-do list?

If you are constantly overwhelmed, but still can’t help saying “Yes,” then make an effort to delay your response the next time someone asks you for a favor. Tell them, “Let me check my schedule and get back to you.” Then, do just that. Take a few minutes to consider whether you really have time to add this new task to your day, or if this is a time you need to just say no.

Like that warm bed on a cold day, bad habits are easy to get into. But, while it takes effort, it is still possible to get out of them! As one of the top temp agencies in Buford, GA, Staffing Resources provides the tools you need to be more productive and achieve your career goals. Browse our current listings to get started. Or send us a resume, and let us do the searching for you – that’s just one more way you can boost your productivity today!

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