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How to Spot a Potentially Aggressive or Threatening Job Candidate

February 17th, 2017

At Staffing Resources, we fill hundreds of positions for both temporary and permanent work, and we know that it doesn’t matter how long the employee stays – you do not want to hire an overly aggressive or threatening job candidate. The question is, how can you spot such a candidate during the hiring process? It can be difficult, but there are definite signs to watch out for. The four signs below aren’t a surefire way to know a person is overly aggressive or that they will have violent tendencies. But they are definite red flags that a person may have attitude or behavioral problems in the workplace.

Blaming Others or Refusing to Acknowledge Mistakes

This is a big red flag, not just for aggression, but for a number of attitude problems a candidate may have. A good employee can accept and learn from their past mistakes. One who blames others and refuses to acknowledge mistakes should be out of the running for your open position.

Speaking Negatively of Past Employers or Co-Workers

Similarly to the above sign, speaking negatively about past employers and co-workers signals a bad attitude. In the best case scenario, the candidate simply doesn’t display good sense or tact. In the worst case scenario, it could indicate an aggressive and disgruntled candidate.

Treats Reception Staff Poorly

They say when you’re on a date with someone, you should look at how they treat the wait staff. When you are about to interview a job candidate, you should look at how they treat your reception staff. Most people have the common sense to be polite and charming in front of you, the interviewer, but may show a different demeanor when they think you aren’t looking.

Using Foul Language

It’s just not professional to curse during a job interview, no matter how relaxed the company culture is. If a person can’t contain the foul language, even before they are hired, they may have problems with self-control down the line, too.

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