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Three Effective Ways to Enter an Interview With Confidence

January 13th, 2017

Staying positive and confident while job hunting is not an easy task. Yet, confidence is important when entering a job interview. According to an article printed in Human Resource Management Review, the first four minutes of an interview are the most important. Entering with confidence could be the difference between getting an offer or not.

Be Prepared and Well-Practiced

To be prepared is to be confident. Review common interview questions and practice concise answers for them. Plan ahead to arrive at least ten minutes early for the interview. And pick out your outfit the night before so there’s less stress when getting ready.

Dress Your Best

Speaking of picking out your outfit, make sure to choose clothes that are both professional and fashionable. According to a poll by Harris Interactive, the best colors for an interview are gray, blue, and black. But you should also consider what you feel comfortable in. You need to feel good about how you look, so that you’re not preoccupied with your appearance while you are trying to recount your work history.

Practice Good Posture

The last tip we have for creating an air of confidence comes from a study performed at the University of Berkley. The study showed that when participants practiced “high-power poses” they actually felt more confident, and had a decrease in the stress hormone cortisol. So stand tall, shoulders back, with your head held high as you enter the room. Not only will you look more confident, but you will feel more confident, too!

If you’re still lacking in confidence, remember – you already got the interview. The people you are meeting with believe you deserve to be there; you need to believe it, too. Keep a positive attitude, and it will be much easier to build confidence as you search for job opportunities.

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