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How To Create a Culture of Inclusivity in the Workplace

November 7th, 2016

Diversity is a critical component of building a strong and multi-faceted workforce. Each candidate brings with him or her a unique set of cultural and life experiences and values that enhances the company.  In order to accomplish this, and make the most of diversity, human resources and management must work together to create a culture of inclusivity. In this way, everyone has a place and is treated with equal respect.

How can you ensure that your diversity hiring will make a difference with full inclusivity? Here are some ideas for bringing different people together.

Make Respect a Core Value

In order to create inclusivity in your corporate culture, respect must be number one. This means everyone should be treated with 100% respect by others at all times. Everyone has a chance to share ideas, make improvements, and work on challenging projects together – regardless of background, gender, nationality, education, physical ability, size, etc.

Assign Roles Outside of Norms

Instead of placing the same kinds of people into the same kinds of jobs over and over again, mix things up in your hiring efforts. Try adding more women and minorities into decision-making and leadership positions. This is a good way to ensure that cookie-cutter candidates are not taking over your company culture.

Hire More Temps

Partner with your staffing agency to help you increase the diversity of hiring at your company. Use temps on a regular basis to provide support to your current work teams. Hire on a percentage of these temps for long-term opportunities, based on their performance. Learn all you can about how other companies provide avenues for inclusivity.

Base Promotions on Individual Merits

Every person should be viewed as someone with the potential to meet company objectives and improve the corporate culture. Bring ‘lost ‘employees back to the team by inviting them to be part of upcoming projects based on their interests and talents. Promote those who perform well in their roles and give them incentives to remain engaged in the process.

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